Salsa Garden

The ever popular salsa garden. A raised bed garden kit is the ideal venue for this venture. Growing your own garden fresh salsa is fun and easy! The taste of fresh salsa is out-of-this-world.

And the good news is, all of the plants you will need are simple to grow. The very easiest way is to just purchase the plants from your local garden center.

Step 1: Make sure your raised bed garden kit is located in a sunny location
            (at least 6 hrs. of full sunlight)
Step 2: Work into your soil a 3 -inch layer of organic matter
             (peat moss, manure, rotted compost, etc)
Step 3: Plant your plants
Step 4: Water, weed, fertilize, harvest and enjoy.

It's that easy, everything but the chips!

Planting Garlic: You will have to think ahead on this one. Garlic is planted in the fall. To plant, break the bulb into separate cloves and plant the cloves separately the fall before your summer salsa garden.

Tomato plants should be planted in early summer, well after the last predicted frost date. Buy an early and a late variety for a long summer harvest.

Peppers, you can choose anything from Sweet Bell to traditional Jalapeno plants. They can be planted at the same time you plant your tomatoes.

Onions can be grown from seeds or from sets. Seeds should be planted very early in the spring, as soon as the soil thaws. Sets can be planted a bit later.

Cilantro, this herb provides a strong, spicy flavor to salsa. You can sow cilantro seed on finely-raked soil after the last frost date, or simply purchase a cilantro plant.

Optional Herbs for your salsa garden
Sweet basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Parsley

Love salsa, grow your own salsa garden.