Container Garden Kit - Rabbit Proof Home Vegetable Garden - 3' X 6'

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This 3' x 6' Rabbit Proof Container Garden Kit is just the right size for a small Home Vegetable Garden. The 12" high fence will keep out rabbits and other small animals.

The planting bed is 20" deep, add the 12" fence and your total height is 32" high. Plenty high to keep out rabbits. The front of this bed has two hinged panels that drop down for easy access to plants.

The Rabbit Proof Container Garden Kit includes a 4'8" high trellis. Good news for climbers like cucumbers, beans, and squash!! Assembly is easy. All hardware included, all holes are pre-drilled.

Made in the USA!!  Made of 1" thick Cedar boards. Holds approximately 30 cubic feet of soil.

** Western Red Cedar is a superior choice for outdoor projects. This sustainably harvested wood is renowned for its exceptional beauty. It is resistant to decay and insect damage and has a reduced environmental footprint.


  • Will keep rabbits and small animals out of your garden
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made of All Natural Cedar
  • Nice 20" deep beds for growing big vegetables!
  • 32" total height including fence
  • Front panel fencing drops down for easy access to plants
  • All Hardware included - All holes pre-drilled
  • Easy to Assemble - Takes about 3 hours or so
  • Includes 4'8" high trellis - Rabbit Proof Garden Kit


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Ships in 2-3 week - could take longer during "peak" season

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